Theme of Final Launcher "Stickman".
It's a playful theme of overachiever but innocent Stick Man. Just looking at this wallpaper makes us happy♪

※The download of home application 「Final Launcher」 that delivers is needed to use this thome.

★ Final Launcher download URL
Please from this URL

★Main customize parts
・Home screen
・Drawer screen
・Menu screen etc

★ How to buy
Set theme>Hold down the banner displayed on the home screen>Hold down the paid version, and purchase it in Google Play.

★Let's customize it more with the live wallpaper of total two million download in the world! Please from this URL


※AndroidOS2.3.3 over
※Setting :Select「Final Launcher」 from home button.
Or, Settings > 「Applications」 > 「Application Management」 > Select the home application you are using now > Select 「'Return to the default setting」 from 「start by initialization」 > Select 「Final Launcher」 by pressing the Home button.