Easy operation, lightness, and design which is different from ones of others. Touch "Final Launcher" and experience this quality.
Customizing of live wallpaper and theme that only uistore can do.
"Final Launcher" is a home application that can customize your Android phone.


Selectable default themes (New themes will be added one after another!)
You can enjoy three kinds of default themes(FRAGMENT/Girly Pink/Sunset Lake) for free
Menu > Home setting > Theme Settings > Themes list > Select > DONE

There is service in which all live wallpapers and themes become limitless uses, too! For more information, please check this page!

Smooth scroll

Enjoy comfortable scroll of dock/drawer.

Wallpaper view mode

Only the wallpaper you set can be displayed, you can enjoy the design and the reaction of the tap.


★4languages correspondence (Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese)

★The application can be managed freely in the category with drawer tab. (game and tool etc.)

★The history and running application can be displayed with drawer.

★Each applications can be managed with drawer.
The setting change and uninstallation can be set intuitively with drawer.

★The setting change and uninstallation can be set intuitively with drawer.

★Vertical dock setting
In "Final Launcher, the dock can be set to the right, the left, the lower side, and wherever you like. It is possible to operate it by one hand easily, so it is a pleasant function for woman.

For more details (Menu > Home setting > Final Launcher info > 「Q&A」)

※AndroidOS2.3.3 over
※Setting :Select「Final Launcher」 from home button.
Or, Settings > 「Applications」 > 「Application Management」 > Select the home application you are using now > Select 「'Return to the default setting」 from 「start by initialization」 > Select 「Final Launcher」 by pressing the Home button.

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